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Be Well

A program targeted towards enhancing relaxation and reducing anxiety among nutrition students. We do this through fun group activities like x-box parties, boardgames, cooking etc.

Biomedical Engineering Society: Ryerson Chapter (BMES)

to serve as the lead society and professional home for biomedical engineering and bioengineering. BMES has over 3000 members in North America consisting of students, university professors, industry professionals, etc.

Black History Awareness Committee (BHAC)

The Black History Awareness Committee is a team of students, staff, and faculty who meet regularly to discuss how to celebrate Black History every day of the year. Through events and initiatives, we promote and educate on the successes and contributions.

Blue and Gold Ball (BGB)

Organization Representing the Annual Blue and Gold Ball - Blue and Gold Ball will take place this year on March 28th, 2014.