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Game Maker's Union (GMU)

We are making a group video game this semester. Anyone can join. We're beginners, skilled, coders, artists, all learning. We welcome the community at large, have connections with the gaming industry. We'll host workshops that help us get our game done.

Get Clear

Get Clear is a program to help students achieve a clear standing.

Good Food Centre (Food Centre)

Our mission is simple: increase access to higher education at Ryerson University by reducing student food insecurity. We also engage, educate, and build community through programs that foster food skills, food literacy, and civic engagement.

Graphic Communications Management (GCM)

This is the hub for all GCM students to find events that are hosted by the school or by industry.

Graphic Communications Management Course Union (GCMCU)

The Graphic Communications Management Course Union (GCMCU) is a student run organization that promotes the interests of GCM students as well as organize academic, social, and community building events.