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Make Your Space Competition 2015-2016 (Make Your Space)

Do you have entrepreneurial mind? Do you feel like you have an innovative idea that can make a lasting impact on the Ryerson community? This is your opportunity to make a mark and connect ideas to create something new.

Medical Physics Corse Union (MPCU)

The Medical Physics Course Union.

Medlife Ryerson

MEDLIFE is a non-profit student organization that aims to alleviate global poverty through the distribution and promotion of Medicine, Education, and Development.

Mood Routes

Free, accessible walking/rolling program to experience the many benefits of getting out, moving, and connecting together in the outdoors.

Musicians@Ryerson (M@R)

Musicians@Ryerson is Ryerson's unofficial music faculty, open to musicians and music lovers alike. Our goals are to create a network of all musicians on campus to meet, form bands, learn about music and provide performances opportunities.