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Tamil Students Association (RyeTSA)

Tamil Students Association @ Ryerson University is a student group comprised and maintained by students for the purposes of uniting Ryerson’s Tamil student body. We are a non-profit group, operating solely to promote the culture and identity.

Ted Rogers School of Business Management (TRSBM)

Take advantage of the wide range of free services that will help you succeed at the School of Business Management


TEDxRyersonU is committed to spreading ideas about technology, entertainment, and design from the best dreamers, thinkers and doers at Ryerson University. 2013 will be the fourth annual TEDx event held at Ryerson.

The Department of Chemistry and Biology (Chemistry and Biology)

The Department of Chemistry and Biology is located on the 2nd Floor, Kerr Hall North (KHN 212) Telephone: 416-979-5313 | Fax: 416-979-5044 Office Hours: Mon - Fri 9am - 12pm & 2pm - 4pm (Closed from 12pm - 2pm)

The Faculty of Community Services (FCS)

The FCS encourages students to be creative and critical thinkers and effective problem solvers, who can transcend disciplinary boundaries to find lasting solutions to social issues.

The Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI)

The Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) consults and assists departments and faculties to strategically infuse the values of equity, diversity and inclusion into everything they do.


Did you know that 40% of your level of happiness set point is fully under your control? The other 60% is based on genetics (50%) and life circumstances (10%). You can take charge of your life satisfaction by changing what you do and what you think.

Top 200 Program

The Top 200 Program is a specialized development experience designed to accelerate the growth of personal, professional, leadership and career development skills for students at the Ted Rogers School of Management.

Tri-Mentoring Program (TMP)

The Tri-Mentoring Program strives to assist Ryerson’s culturally diverse student body in their pursuit of personal goals, academic achievements and career success. We aims to assist students at all levels of study in successful achievement of their goals

TRSM Business Career HUB (BCH)

The Business Career Hub at the Ted Rogers School of Management provides customized approaches to supporting students along their paths to meaningful careers.